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Learning Showcard & Ticketwriting in the 1960s at Wollongong Tech. College, afforded me just a year or so of happy brushwork at Coles in the city, before the printed price ticket changed my job description and I became a sticker-down of...stickers.

In the 1970s I signed up for the Art Certificate Course of the NSW Tech. Ed. system at Meadowbank, completing this at Penrith Campus, This broad-based course was standard for NSW art education up to the late 20th century, a comprehensive program consisting of full-time hands-on skilling in the diversity of practical methods an artist may call upon throughout a lifetime of creativity.
My early training in essential art practices provided me with good job opportunities which have kept me working for decades since. That firm foundation was followed up by a Visual & Performing Arts diploma course at Nepean CAE, later UWS Nepean, where I found a passion for research and writing; then came a Degree course with majors in history, drawing & painting, followed up by teacher training. Thereafter...ongoing learning & up-skilling is key in my line of work and I continue to undertake courses to master new techniques and extend contacts.


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