Graphic designer, Illustrator, black & white artist, Arthur Nichol trained at East Sydney Technical College in the historic sandstone buildings of the City's old Darlinghurst Gaol.
He immediately began working as a freelance graphic artist and designer, and as was usual practice for artists at the time, submitted cartoons and caricatures to print publishers. He secured permanent work with the Sydney Morning Herald and the Bulletin Magazine during the 1930s, then enlisted for war service in the Australian Army.

Ever grateful for the care and support given by the Australian Red Cross during wartime, Arthur made many oil paintings in peacetime, to assist the organisation's fundraising efforts.
In hopes of bringing an image of each of his artworks together in our online collection, we'd love to hear from anyone who can help us locate any of the paintings won.  Although there may be slight variations in this signature, the one displayed here is a good guide.

Upon his return to Australia, Arthur slipped back into work as an illustrator for The Bulletin magazine and returned to the Sydney Morning Herald as staff artist. He worked as freelance artist/illustrator for the The Daily and The Sunday Telegraph; Smith's Weeky; Man Magazine; Man Junior and ABC Television (ABN 2).

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